A Web-based Project by LEWIS KOCH

This presentation of work by American artist Lewis Koch sequences photographs made during the past twenty years. It is neither a comprehensive retrospective, nor a chronological progression. Rather, the selected images indicate a pervasive undercurrent in Koch’s work since his earliest pictures made in the 1970s: the idea of ’found text.’

This theme— of mysterious, often cryptic words seen in the ordinary world of our daily lives— has appeared prominently, though somewhat randomly, throughout the last three decades of his career.

On the following pages are examples of these images (indicated by
red-bordered pages), followed occasionally by tangential reference to another context when one of the photographs has been used in a previous work. These are seen on grey-bordered pages, opened when a dark "eye" button appears on the navigation bar, in the lower right corner of the page.

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All photographs and text, copyright 2001, Lewis Koch.
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Original photographs are gelatin silver prints and are available for purchase.
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